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One-Step Lashes


Natural-looking, pre-glued synthetic mink false lashes.

Fuss-free falsies! These natural-looking, pre-glued vegan false lashes add length, dimension and volume to any eye shape for a soft, subtle look that can effortlessly transition from day to night!

Key Benefits

  • Fit any eye shape
  • Add length, dimension and volume
  • Vegan
  • For all skin types

How To Use

  • First, curl natural lashes and apply eyeliner and mascara
  • Gently remove lashes from the tray by lifting the outer corners of the lash band. Hold the lash band up to your eye to check placement before applying
  • Using a tweezer or fingertips, look down slightly and apply to the center of the lashline first, then attach the outer corner and gently press down along the lash line to connect the entire band
  • To remove, look down slightly and gently pull starting from the outer corner
  • Caution: If applying lashes with tweezer, handle with care around the eye area. Discontinue use if you experience irritation.
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